Organizations Past

There have been many and a variety of parish organizations and parish related groups over the years.

For many years the League of the Sacred Heart met monthly on Sunday evenings to promote the Apostleship of Prayer. It was sponsored by the Jesuits, and a Sister of Mercy served as spiritual director. Through its promoters and associates, the League distributed monthly breviary sized leaflets with devotional material appropriate to the month.

The Sodality of the Blessed Virgin included an adult group of high school age and above and a junior group of elementary students. The May crowning was the principal activity involving both groups which occurred on the Sunday evening preceding the opening of Forty Hours, a three day observance in honor of the Blessed Sacrament.

Earlier in the century, the Catholic Order of Foresters was active in the parish. In addition to fellowship activities, a major activity of the order was a low cost insurance program available to its members.

The St. Jean Le Baptiste Society was a response of the arrival of many French Canadians in the Twenties, attracted to Central Vermont by the granite industry. This society was very active and held regular meetings at the K. of C. rooms until relatively recently.

The Holy Name Society, sponsored by the Dominicans was organized in connection with a Dominican Mission and was active into the nineteen sixties. Its purpose was to promote reverence for the Holy Name of Jesus and to promote spiritual growth. For many years the society participated in corporate communion at the eight o'clock Mass.

A St. Augustine chapter of the Ancient Order of Hibernians was organized early in the century as one of similar chapters in Vermont's major cities. A national organization, it enlisted persons of Irish lineage for the purpose of instilling in its members a knowledge of their history and heritage. 

The St. Michael's High School Alumni Association was organized on the occasion of the first graduation in 1927. The organization staged an annual Alumni Banquet with the members of the graduating class as guests of the association and assisted with other high school activities.