Altar Servers

Altar servers assist the priest by taking part in processions and by ensuring that all items required for Mass are available at the appropriate moments.

Current Schedule:

  4:00pm Mass 8:30am Mass 10:30am Mass
All Saints Day 9:00am Need volunteer Need volunteer
November 1      
Weekend of Joshua Golonka Payten Kurie Patrick Maguire
November 1 & 2 Gregory Golonka Aiden White Luke Brassard
Weekend of Tyler Cain Caitlyn Bashara Emily Coates
November 8 & 9   Emily Bashara  
    Bobby Cody  
Weekend of Alex Boes Ellen Eurich Katie Koonz
November 15 & 16 Paige Brigham Kobe Hogan  
Weekend of Keirsten Goodrich Joe Parento Sophie Currier
November 22 & 23 Megan Goodrich Bella Parento  
Thanksgiving 9:00am Need volunteer Need volunteer
November 27      
Weekend of Chloe Golonka Payten Kurie Luke Brassard
November 29 & 30 Kelsey Golonka Aiden White  

For more information, contact Greg Maguire at 223-5848