Christian Meditation

Since 1989 an ecumenical group has been meeting for meditation at the Christ Episcopal Church in Montpelier on Mondays from 12:00-1:00p.m. 

July 10, 1989 was the first gathering of the Christian meditation group at Christ Episcopal Church on State Street in Montpelier and 25 years later we are still meeting Mondays from noon until 1 pm. Many individuals from varying faith visions have graced our gatherings, meditating in silence, seeking stillness and responding to the Hebrew Psalmist’s invitation to “be still and come to know God!” Christian meditation embraces the Jewish Christian faith vision that God’s dwelling place is with humanity and that we are invited into common union in the ordinary of our extraordinary lives as we take time to raise our hearts and minds to God in silent stillness.

The rediscovery of imageless meditation in the Christian tradition is represented by the work of Benedictine Monk John Main OSB whose teachings we follow. We are part of the worldwide Christian meditation group which began in Montreal Quebec in the 1970’s and has become a worldwide movement giving witness to the Spirit of Love which surrounds us in recognizing the Oneness of the other who invites us to know.

The format of the group is to gather, listen to a short reflection, and meditate for 30 minutes using a mantra, followed by a question and answer personal reflection.

As one of the members of the group wrote recently, “My Higher Power is Love.  Since I joined the meditation group it seems my conscious contacts with my Higher Power have improved exponentially. Consequently, my ability to love unconditionally has grown; though it is only recently that I have felt I was able to tap into sharing the Love of God as part of that expression.  This enables me to love unselfishly and not loose myself in the process. I maintain my own integrity, while supporting others beyond my own capability. I know this sounds delusional, but none the less I feel it is true. I guess time will tell. The gift I received is the Present Moment. Even the minute dies, the best way I have learned to live it is to keep opening my heart to love myself and others. This meditation group is helping me to do just that!”

For more information, please contact Deacon Regis Cummings at 223-6043 or Elizabeth Blouin at 223-7342.