"The history of St. Augustine Church in Montpelier is rich in people, in pride, in tradition, and in devotion. It is a remembrance of God celebrated for over a century, in a church constructed of Vermont granite, built by Vermont Hands."


The cornerstone of our present church was laid in 1892. Eleven years later - years of dedication, hard work, and commitment - the first Mass was celebrated on Easter Sunday 1903. The Montpelier Daily Journal chronicled the event as a celebration for the entire city, not solely the Catholic community. "They have built a sanctuary that will be a joy and an inspiration not only to them but to their children and their children's children for generations to come."


St. Augustine Parish is a vital spiritual community composed of a historic church, St. Monica-St. Michael School (located in Barre), the rectory, and a cemetery. We are a spiritual community blessed with devout parishioners whose participation in the various ministries reflects their deep commitment to the church and to parish life. Our fine parish school offers children values-based education solid in Catholic philosophy. St. Monica-St. Michael School is a source of pride for all of us - another of our many blessings.


St. Augustine Church on Barre Street is more than a century old and the old St. Michael's School building was constructed in 1938. (One must remember that both the church and the school were dedicated in other locations in the mid-1800s.)...

Our Staff:

Rev. Julian 


Rev. Mr. Regis


Rev. Mr. Gesualdo Schneider