Handicap Access to St. Augustines Church and Parish Hall


Barre Street Entrance:

The main doors are not at street level and require ascending two flights of granite steps. Access to the elevators is on the left side of the church at the Barre Street sidewalk level, just past the statue of Our Lady Fatima and through the blue door. The elevator will take you up to the vestibule of the main church.


Blanchard Court Entrance:

There is public parking in Blanchard Court. Drive northwest on Barre Street, turn right onto Main Street, then turn right onto Blanchard Court. You will see the rear entrance to the church and the parking lot to your right. There is a long ramp into the back door of the church. You may need assistance opening the back door. Once inside, there is a ramp to the nave of the church. 


Elevator Information:

From the main floor vestibule, the elevator will bring you down to the street level. Here you will turn right to exit the church. If you intend to access the Parish Hall, go straight through the doorway in front of you as you exit the elevator. You may either turn left and descend a half flight of stairs if you are able, or continue forward through another doorway and use the inclined wheelchair lift. 


Inclined Wheelchair Lift

Once you exit the elevator, go straight through the two doorways. You will see the lift and instructions. You will need assistance to access the lift. ​