Ministries & Committees

A list of all the ministries and Committees at St. Augustines. Click on any of the underlined ministries or committees to learn more about it. 

Liturgical Ministries:

In the celebration of the Holy Mass, particular ministries are available for the lay faithful to exercise their gifts and talents.  Careful preparation and training in these ministries help to enhance the Liturgy with reverence and devotion to the Eucharist.

Altar Servers ​​

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion




Liturgical Music 



Contact Persons for Liturgical Ministries at St. Augustine’s

Altar Servers – Maricela Acosta

Eucharistic Ministers – Missy McGibney                          

Lectors – Bill Moore

Linens – Ginny Garand, 223-2474

Decorations- Deb McCormick 229-0181

Music – Contact the Rectory, 223-5285

Ushers/Greeters – Charlie Pelletier, 229-0498

Education and Formation in Faith Ministries:

“Catechesis is an education in the faith of children, young people and adults which includes especially the teaching of Christian doctrine imparted, generally speaking, in an organic and systematic way, with a view to initiating the hearers in the fullness of Christian life.” (Catechism of the Catholic Church, #56)

St. Monica-St. Michael School

Christian Meditation​​


Pre-Cana ​​

RCIA ​​- More info

Religious Education

Respect Life

St. Jerome Library ​​​​

Contact Persons for Education & Faith Formation Ministries at St. Augustine’s​​

St. Monica-St. Michael School – 802-476-5015

Cursillo – Lorraine Kessler, 223-1180​

Library – Loretta Schneider, 223-2151

Pre-Cana – Call the Rectory for information, 223-5285

RCIA – Deacon Regis Cummings, 223-6043

Religious Education – CJ Flynn, 223-5285

Respect Life – Ginny Garand, 223-2474

Works of Mercy – Spiritual and Corporal

These are charitable actions by which we come to the aid of our neighbors in their bodily and spiritual needs.  They affirm the social action and hospitality of the parish.


Adoration Chapel 

Cancer Support Group

Catholic Daughters 

Chemo Hat Project

Holy Family Prayer Circle

Knights of Columbus 

Nursing Home Masses and Visits

Rosary Makers

Rummage Sales

Sanctuary/Sacristy Cleaning

Soup Kitchen 


Contact Persons for Works of Mercy Ministries at St. Augustine’s

Adoration Chapel - Deacon Ges Schneider, 223-2151

Cancer Support Group - Deacon Regis Cummings, 223-6043

Catholic Daughters - Sharon Bjornberg, 498-3974 

Chemo Hat Project - Ginny Garand, 223-5285 or Loretta Schneider, 223-2151

Funeral Luncheons - (CDA) Rose Pelchuck, 454-7377

Holy Family Prayer Circles - Cathy Asbell, 485-6994

Knights of Columbus - Mike Rouleau (Grand Knight), 479-2510 

Nursing Home Masses - Danalda Chenette, 476-6406

Nursing Home/Hospital Visitation - Sr. Elizabeth, 479-9626

Receptions - Funeral, Confirmation, Right to Life (CDA)

Rosary Makers - Loretta Schneider, 223-2151

Sanctuary/Vestry Cleaning - Ginny Garand, 223-2474

Soup Kitchen - Bonnie Giuliani, 223-2185 or Deb McCormick, 229-0181


These are the committee that are run by our wonderful volunteers that do everything to the best of their ability to improve this church and its parish. Feel free to join these committees or if you would like to start a committees make sure to call Fr. Julian.


Parish Council - John Kessler, Head

Liturgical Committee – Danalda Chenette, Head

Finance committee - Mark Cioffi, Head 

Hospitality Committee - June Knudsen, Head

Building & Grounds Committee - Bernie Chennette, Head

Cemetery committee - Bob King, Head

Evangelization Committee- Joseph Gainza, Head